General description of GP:50 Melt Pressure transducer tip diaphragm upgrade materials:

GPX: Our standard “GPX” refers to a diaphragm of Zirconium Nitride, which achieves a greater surface hardness, and creates a robust barrier that can apply to a wide range of plastics, effective in low to midrange temperatures. Unlike other competitor Dynisco “Dymax” (Teflon) diamond particulate coating which is short lasting in average polymer abrasion.

Hastelloy (HX option): Is versatile and corrosion resistant. It has an excellent resistance to oxidizing and reducing agents, and also to corrosive acids in various polymers, very common in Teflon and Nylon. Although it has a very slightly reduced mechanical strength, it survives very well in mid to high-mid pressure ranges, and higher temperatures to 750F. Also more costly, but in certain applications, is proven to be a superior material, especially to resist gauling, when the bolt or sensor “welds” itself into place over a short time.

Inconel (GW option): Most expensive, offers very good corrosion resistance and has superior mechanical strength. It also may be age-hardened to become even stronger, but typically adds more cost. It is very resistive to organic compounds like FEP, PTFE, and food products with high acidity and alkaline additives. It is also useful in combating chloride-ion stress cracking. This is achieved by ability to withstand attack, by oxidizing media and sulfur compounds, which generate pitting.

Many customers investigating these solutions will buy all three types, comparing sensor performance results in their application. Other known tip diaphragm upgrades: Boron Nitride, Borofuse, and Bouligny…none currently available from GP:50 Melt Pressure.

Additional Options: Structural upgrade to tip diaphragm configurations can also increase life expectancy of the diaphragm regarding increasing weld locations or metal thickness. Standard GP:50 Tip Diaphragm (.004-.0045). Option NK: reinforced Diaphragm (.007-0075), Option NL: double thickness (.009-.0095)


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