GPR 700/770 Series

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1/4 DIN Melt Pressure Indicator/Controller

The Model GPR 700/770 Series from GP:50 Melt Pressure is a high reliability pressure indicator and controller, designed to accept both universal and strain gauge inputs.  An optional secondary input further provides differential pressure/temperature display or control.  The Series features three unique fast acting alarms to protect against overpressures, with a high-visibility three-color LED display for accurate “at a glance” visual indication.  The Model GPR 700/770 is also easily configurable via PC software or front panel.  It also features analog retransmission capabilities and ease, effective auto-tune.  The product line is also accompanied by a comprehensive three-year product line warranty.  All GPR 700/770 Series units are also 100% made in the USA.

  • Celanex Plastic Case
  • 6″ standard leads, 24 AWG, PVC insulated, +105° Celsius, UL 1007/1569, CSA type TR-64
  • UL File # E102207
  • Recognized to U.S. and Canadian requirements under the Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
  • Actuators sold separately