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Smart Rangeable Melt Pressure Transmitter
Model 430, 431; 430X, 431X; 430P, 431P

The GP:50 product line of melt pressure transducers and transmitters are based on the bonded strain gauge principle that has been successfully utilized in thousands of applications. Our proprietary diaphragm design incorporates a matched diaphragm system with improved linearity, accuracy, and repeatability. The unit operation utilizes an extremely small capillary tubing that transmits the media pressure to the strain gauge sensor and mating electronics via a mechanical fill fluid.


  • Pressure ranges from 0-500 to 0-30K PSI
  • ±0.15% FSO accuracy
  • All welded stainless steel construction
  • Onboard HART® communication
  • FM Explosion Proof models available (Class I, II, II, Div. I, Groups A –G)
  • All models made in the USA